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Article introduction

Running water is the seminal emission that causes because of the stimulation of sexual excitement likely below the man, this is to attribute normal physiology phenomenon, and often running water is front row commonly phlogistic or wrapping crosses chief reason to cause, at that time the penis can appear infection, cause seminal occurrence leak, need man friend has treatment. To the man below often the reason of running water and expressional symptom, everybody can understand the content of article introduction.

 Below the man often running water

One, to the male, this is a kind of normal physiology phenomenon. To the male, no matter be sexual illusion, and true sexual intercourse, often can secrete in place of the glans when excitementLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Liquid, this is a kind of normal phenomenon, secreting liquid bases often is a few prostate fluid, have lubricant effect, butSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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In order to assure normalityForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Hand in, although just be imagined, but the body still can secrete this substance, it is normal phenomenon, need not worry.

2, the type of premature ejaculation the pathogeny is much, much, if element of psychology, spirit is caused, need undertakes psychological dredge. The remedial method that to sending sexual premature ejaculation formerly cure has compared at present is phallic back double blind alley stops discharge art. If other sends a disease to cause formerly, if prostatitis, wrapping is too long,wait, need to be aimed at cure effectively.

Premature ejaculation (Prospermia) is the commonnest ejaculation function obstacle, with sexual intercourse only then discharge essence of life all right namely, before making love even namely discharge essence, cannot undertake normality life is main show, incidence of a disease occupies the 1/3 above of grown man. The definition of premature ejaculation still has contend forForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Discuss, the ejaculation with the male is normally preclinical or the woman is evaluated in the frequency that orgasm achieves in sexual intercourse, if the ability that controls ejaculation is lost when sexual intercourse with the male, criterion before the penis inserts the vagina or just inserted the frequency that ejaculation is standard; or achieves orgasm in sexual intercourse with the female namely little at 50% will define premature ejaculation for the standard, but these were not accepted generally. Because male ejaculation is preclinical,suffer psychology of state of length of the age, abstinency time, body, mood to wait for element influence, the happening of female orgasm frequency also suffers the element effect such as change of body condition, affection, surroundings. Additional, ejaculation is preclinical the accident of time also has individual difference, think commonly, healthy man inserts the vagina in the penis 2 ~ produce ejaculation after 6 minutes, it is normal to be namely.

 Below the man often running water

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Clinical expression

The clinical expression of premature ejaculation basically is ejaculation too fast. It is a standard with time: Insert the vagina from the penis the time to ejaculation, think commonly short it is premature ejaculation namely at 2 minutes. In order to twitch the frequency is a standard: The penis is inserted twitch the number comes less 30 times to be premature ejaculation at 10 in the vagina. It is a standard with the reaction of sexual spouse: In sexual activity, if have the sexual life opportunity of above of half the number in, cannot make the woman achieves orgasm to also can call premature ejaculation. Patient much companion has angst, mind depressed, giddy, look is weary the symptom such as force.

Examination and diagnose

Through enquiring medical history, sexual life is moved in detailShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Check OK and preliminary diagnose, and the guidance with understand its to because have to cure,send cause of disease certain and help.

Medical of 1. specialized subject

Include the examination of male secondary sex characteristic, penis, spermary and epididymis, need to undertake prostate, spermatic colour exceeds an examination even sometimes. So that differentiate premature ejaculation or other sexual dysfunction, especially with erect the fundamental disease that functional obstacle concerns.

 Below the man often running water

2. spirit psycho

Can use mental psychology individual character to detect law SCL-90-R, undertake mental psychology is analysed, conduce to the mental psychology state that knows a patient.

Physiology of 3. nerve report is checked

Use the penis to shake feeling feeling to spend determine, phallic back nerve causes potential and glans feeling to cause potential to determine, ball sponge body reflexes preclinical mensuration to determine phallic feeling spends the metabolic circumstance such as threshold value, conduce to understanding phallic feeling is spent and feeling nerval function.

4. is other

The groovy examination of surgery of secrete make water can be judged have without wrapping glans phlogistic, prostatitis, spermatic urethritis other cause a cause. Can undertake Gao ketone, secrete breeds the sex hormone level such as element detects when necessary.

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