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The patient of major gastralgia has had such experience, above all on the time that gastralgia is working often meet by chance, and alleviate again without very good method, so that a lot of people are bearing ailment to work, the impact is very big for the small body of this pair of females, the female is after occurrence gastralgia, besides ambitious it is OK still to be being borne throughNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Loosen abdominal thing taking a place, drink the method of hot water more, bring warmth to intestines and stomach.

Schoolgirl stomach-ache does how

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. Mental victory way

When gastralgia breaks out must live firmly. Keep back hard aching, calm ground sits on the chair, move adagio next breath, absorb gas slowly cannot suck again, next again slowly expiratory, relapse so 10 control to 20 minutes, be reduced sorely or stop.

2. Loosen abdomen

Gastralgia when, loosen leather belt as far as possible, can ensure gastric gas to shed clear and coherent free so, make abdomen a bit more comfortable. Often the person of gastralgia, wear comfortable and comfortable dress as far as possible usually, in order to shun abdominal press press.

3. Have bit of thing

Gastralgia often arises because of hunger, if this moment has soft qualitative alimental word, eat a bit, for instance biscuit, biscuit is very the canal uses, but do not drink milk, also do not have good thing. Can buy some of soda biscuit to be put in desk at ordinary times, in order to have untimely needs.

Schoolgirl stomach-ache does how

4. Give bit of warmth

The person with cold stomach because sufferred,often break out, this moment drinks bit of hot water, or it is to use hot-water bottle spread a little while gastric ministry, the effect also is more apparent.

5. Acupuncture point therapeutics

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Knead inside close: Acupuncture point closes to be located in in the middle of the artifice inside, about 3 horizontal strokes point to distance wrist horizontal grain (3 hands point to and the width of approach) place, acupuncture point is taken between two muscle. Knead with big toe by, fixed position turns encircle 36 times, two tactics undertakes alternately, can add when aching fit come 200 times.

Schoolgirl stomach-ache does how

The dot presses sufficient 3 lis: Sufficient 3 lis of point issue 3 inches at knee limit (be equivalent to 4 finger and the width of approach) , be in tibial with fibula between. With two tactics big toe the dot that carry a department is pressed sufficient 3 lis of acupuncture point, at ordinary times 36, painful when can knead the left and right sides 200 times, hand1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Knead by abdomen: Two tactics across, male right hand is in on, left hand is falling; Female left hand is in on, the right hand is falling. Knead for the center with navel draw by abdomen too extremely graph, arrange hour hand 36 rounds, anticlockwise 36; This law but acetanilide disappear bilges, stomachic.

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