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The body state of different age is different, especially to darling, body immunity force and resistance are weaker, if there is cut on the body, cicatrization very hard. If long cut does not cicatrization, must take seriously rise, cut fester can cause other disease, for instance high fever, heart fills in wait for serious problem. The processing that should make good cut works, make new cell grows quickly come out, exciting cut cicatrizations quickly and restore.

 Darling cut does not cicatrization how to do

Be in after producing such situation, want to maintain the normality of blood sugar above all, maintain the normal stability of blood sugar, this is cut assures of fast heal above all.

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Sore, just do not have the circumstance of heal, physiological saline irrigate can be used below such circumstance, change medicine to have treatment everyday. Add with external use of right amount insulin, because insulin can stimulate new sarcous to grow quickly, can promote cut heal.

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Cut cannot cicatrization for a long time quite, the Qing Dynasty that needs to make good cut starts the work, the necrotic organization of seasonable cleared cut, clear the medicaments that inflict wants to promote heal after cut. To avoid to affect, OK and local application fights fungus medicamentsA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Undertake Shi Fu.

 Darling cut does not cicatrization how to do

The cause that causes what cut does not cicatrization has a lot of, among them the stand or fall of nutrient state, to cut heal has very big gain. For example protein lacks what may decelerate new student blood-vessel to form, can affect the function that the cell gobbles up at the same time, reduce immune force, cause a tissue repair is slower, make cut not easy thereby heal.

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crowd, the second birth that organizes a cell is different also, ability of general organization reborn and age have very big concern. Additional, old people makes thereby as a result of hemal and easy occurrence sclerosis local blood is supplied decrease, and become the disrupt hyperplasia cycle of fiber cellShanghai noble baby

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All over reduce, cause cut heal delay, heal quality drops, bring about even do not cicatrization.

 Darling cut does not cicatrization how to do

Cut does not cicatrization not to want too anxious, want to search to have treatment to accurate method, such ability can let an illness effectively get alleviating. Do not do too acuteness exercise, cannot eat the food that delivers easily tartly more. Doesn’t the cut after art cicatrization how to do? Look for law of the other side to just can achieve wanted result. Say medicine develops now again, believe the doctor’s force, can let cut cicatrization as soon as possible rise.

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