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Article introduction

Have loose bowels such phenomenon, almost each person has experienced most have loose bowels to having particular concern with our intestines and stomach, if we are in food when eat a few too cool food, the likelihood can create the appearance of have loose bowels, and did not take medicine in time control may more and more serious, can appear to press the case of water directly even, so how does have loose bowels pull water to should do directly?

 Pull abdomen to pull water how to do directly

Have loose bowels pulls the circumstance of water to must alleviate in time, if cannot get cure for long to may bring about dehydration, can appear body core condition is disorder, go against the health that bowel, must notice so.

Have loose bowels pulls water how to do

One, dietary adjustment

Food of have loose bowels is very important, the path of person stomach bowel of have loose bowels is flimsier, should eat food of a few easier digestive. Have loose bowels, had not eaten too oily, super-cooling, hot food, food should be delicate give priority to.

1 have loose bowels can eat a fruit to assist cure

Have loose bowels can eat some of fruit to assist cure, but not all fruit can eat. Have loose bowels can eat the; have loose bowels such as apple, pomegranate to cannot wait in order to eat pear, watermelon, banana. Have loose bowels, take an apple 1, cut even leather belt kernel small, put in water to boil 3 ~ 5 minutes, wait for lukewarm hind edible, daily 2 ~ 3, every time 30 grams are controlled can. Those who need an attention is, when the apple that thoroughlies cook in edible, unfavorable add sucrose to flavor, may accentuate because of sucrose diarrhoea.

 Pull abdomen to pull water how to do directly

2, have loose bowels can drink congee

Have loose bowels can drink bit of white congee that adds salt, do not put the meat. A few small fat mound do not have the flesh now not joyous, the parent is afraid that the child does not agree to have a meal, physical strength is irreclaimable, boil fleshy congee to eat to the child. “Fleshy congee also is met burden of aggravate intestines and stomach. “

The expert points out, after bellyacke defecate, although ache alleviates, but right now intestines and stomach appears because of inflammation the oedema of different level, if take fleshy course, can aggravating illness, accordingly after diarrhoea two to 3 days inside, dietary Ying Yiqing1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Weak give priority to, might as well drink bit of white congee, add a few salt.

3, have loose bowels can eat cooked wheaten food

Have loose bowels needs to eat food of a few easier digestive, cooked wheaten food is right choice. Noodle nutrition is rich, and digest more easily absorb, the person that eating noodle so is have loose bowels a very good choice. But, to the person of have loose bowels, eating noodle does not want too fat, too oilyFall in love with the sea

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The word of be bored with will be aggravating burden of intestines and stomach.

2, medication

1, infection sex diarrhoea, with antibiotic

Affect sexual diarrhoea, do not wear urgently with antidiarrheal. Infection sex diarrhoea is taken stop evacuant, can cover an illness, influence doctor is diagnosed. If person of disease of bacterial sex dysentery is taken,stop evacuant can affect what alvine path reachs toxin to the bacterium to excrete, make poisonous blood symptom aggravating, course of diseases is lengthened.

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acute period, inflammation and toxic symptom (be like high fever) blood of more apparent, pus relatively a long time, should inspect till the absolutely contraindication of evacuant. Arrived convalescence, the illness improves apparently, defecate does not carry purulent blood, only moisture relatively a long time, can short time is taken stop evacuant.

Common medicaments has: Sanded star of fluorine of element of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, gentamicin, Nuo.

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It is infection sexual diarrhoea is to medication commonly, but medicationing also is need cent circumstance, if some moment can be seasonable excrete come out the situation of have loose bowels has been met, but if keep all the time,need timely seek medical advice.

 Pull abdomen to pull water how to do directly

2, diarrhoea of blame infection sex, do not use antibiotic

Diarrhoea of blame infection sex does not need to be treated with antibiotic, if these patients may have 3 great harm with antibiotic: 1) is made be able to bear or endure medical bacterium individual plant adds;2) poisonous side effect (deaf of sex of the source that be like medicine) ;3) is easy cause alvine path bacterium group maladjusted, cause diarrhoea defer not to healLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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. In the country, only the diarrhoea of about 30% needs to be treated with antibiotic. To be not infection sex diarrhoea, can take medicaments to undertake disease is treated is opposite.

The expert reminds

Actually, best method is to avoid to cause an element, let oneself be far from diarrhoea. Want to avoid to cause an element, should accomplish: Avoid to eat sordid food; to notice the life is wholesome, ; of bacterium of infection of prevention and cure eats roadside less fastfood; notices to protect1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Warm, avoid; of be frighted catch cold catch cold to notice food is used to, avoid eats and drink too much.

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