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Article introduction

Facial ministry hair is ironed is very common thing at ordinary times, a lot of people had experienced facial ministry to send very hot phenomenon, the matter that in the life facial hair burns is very much, some are physiology sexes, of sex of some things pathology, if be ill,rational hair is ironed, at ordinary times need undertakes actively remedial, lest bring about illness accentuation, cause more serious complicationFall in love with the sea

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, those who affect a person is healthy, specific introduction face sends very hot reason below.

Why facial hair is very hot

Why is facial hair very hot?

Facial ministry hair warms a ground of individual and environmental circumstance different, the reason is varied actually. Are main a few conditions: ?  of Yin of ⒎ of to fold of π of  of leech of Mei of instrument graceful hoarse offends Yue  of cultivate of Jian merchant aluminous mew  ? causes facial hair to iron; thereby1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Some moment fell ill, the query rises, also can cause a hair to iron; some the person because the turn of life, drink to wait for an element and blush, because person of some of facial very hot; contracts the disease such as hypertensive, lupus erythematosus and blush, the face irons; some because,the person is met the change of environmental temperature cause blush.

How to do after facial hair is very hot

After facial hair is very hot generally speaking, want to go out to blow hair drier only, breathe freely fully, breath breathes fresh air to be able to improve this kind of condition.

If just be brought about because of the mood very very very hot very red, such need not flurried, wait after the mood is gently, these symptoms will be natural if because winter air temperature is low,subsidise; is, and bring about blush, this also need not be paid attention to, adjust of the body normally if reaction; is blush because of a few disease, need to go to a hospital checking cure.

Why facial hair is very hot

The face delivers very hot food attention

The face often sent very hot person to should notice more in dietary moment. Do not drink and eat food of a few tall caloric, eat the food that can raise hemal dilate less, be like coffee, tea, butLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Happy wait for the food that contains coffeine. The food that should eat a few lukewarm sexes more is better, can eat a few Qing Dynasty to heat up alexipharmic food, reduce the quantity of heat inside body, undertake metabolicly had been comparatived inside body quickly. Complement to B of a few vitamins also conduces to nerve rehabilitate and can rise calm the nerves action. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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How to avoid a face to often send very hot case aglow

1A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, skin in proper time cleanness, winter the air temperature outdoor is inferior, any cleanness that after returning the home, do not undertake inclusive bath inside immediately work. Had better be before 8 o’clock or should was at 9 o’clock undertake clean later face, bath or other maintain the job.

2, put an end to cold hot water to wash a face alternately, cold hot water washs a face not to suit alternately easy appear the skin of red blood silk is qualitative. Because use hot bath face firstShanghai noble baby

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Face of apply of reoccupy cold water, bring about blood capillary dilate very easily, bring about sensitive skin very easily to appear or the phenomenon of silk of accentuation red blood. The Wen Shui that applies 36 ℃ washs a face.

Why facial hair is very hot

3, be opposite except out of service when skin happening inflammation outside the product with harmful skin, the methodological help of usable still cold compress alleviates the allergic state of skin, with had immersed when the towel of cold water or gauze apply face, apply 15-20 minute, helpful to blood capillary systole, if have time best a day of apply two, if doing not have time but a day of apply.

4, if skin belongs to easy extensive character,Gong Min feels kind, do not answer to use face film often. Frequent long perhaps apply face film won’t change the condition with flimsy and unstable skin, can dissolve instead necessary leather fat, cause water and excessive, stimulate canal of wool bursa gland, cause more serious flood red even inflammation.

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